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Fighting for a hunger free Western Cape

The Cape Hunger project is a humanitarian orginization that feeds thousands of families, mainly children free of any cost.

We spend our resources on food and skills development and capacity building in a big way for those who were and are deprived and are without access to the developing world.

The feeding of the poor and skills development was started 17 years ago by Desiree Eleanor and a group of volunteers. It grew from one pot of soup feeding 20 to now feeding thousands every week.

Our aim is to make a difference one person and one family at a time. We have seen hope and purpose brought to many lives and we endeavor to do more.

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Cape Hunger

The Cape Town Hunger Project mission is to bring hope and healing and opportunity to the forgotten poor of Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Hunger Project Teh Need
Cape Hunger Project Need
Cape Hunger Project The Project
Cape Hunger Project Project
Cape Hunger Project The Reward
Cape Hunger Project Reward1

The reward of this project is the smiles on children’s faces; tears of gratitude; dignity restored; hope in the eyes of the once hopeless; restoration of families and a new zeal for life!

Cape Hunger Project Vision1

Our vision is to become the face of love in action to thousands in and around Cape Town and its surrounding areas and to bring love and hope to the poor and needy.

Cape Hunger Project Purpose

Our purpose is to bring healthy well balanced nutritional meals to the poor and needy and to put them in arms length of education and provide skills development.

Cape Hunger Project Strengths

Our strengths is our large volunteer base of unselfish givers and servers from various community sectors.

Meet our hardworking team


Gerald November

Founding director of The Cape Hunger Project

Desiree November

Founding director of The Cape Hunger Project

Naeema Preston

Office administrators of TCHP

Kelly Adams

Office administrators of TCHP

Kirsty Wyngaard

Senior office Administrator
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Become part of the Cape Hunger Project and make a difference!

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